MSP Q&A: How BCDR Sells in a Pandemic

MSP Q&A: How BCDR Sells in a Pandemic

By Courtney Heinbach

As the volume of cyberattacks to rise during the global pandemic, a reliable business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution continues to be a crucial offering for managed service providers (MSPs) to provide their small and medium business (SMBs) clients to ensure data is protected and business downtime is avoided. But is it more difficult to make the case for BCDR in an economic downturn? We met with Chris Anderson, CIO at RDI Corporation based in Cincinnati, Ohio, to discuss how he’s approached selling BCDR in a pandemic.

Q: How long have you offered Datto BCDR, and what made you invest in a continuity solution for your clients?

We have been selling BCDR in one form or another for the past 15 years. We moved to Datto about seven years ago when we knew there was room for improvement with our old solution.

Q: Do you find BCDR easy to sell to your clients? What helps your clients understand its value?

Yes, I find it very easy to sell BCDR—as a concept. The challenge isn’t selling the concept of BCDR, the challenge is selling it as a product based on cost. You can’t win a sale if you treat BCDR as a transactional, cost-based product. So, what helps? Real-world examples and educating the client.

Q: How has the global health crisis impacted your business, particularly in selling BCDR? Are you finding SMBs are less responsive or less willing to buy?

No, actually the opposite—depending on their financial situation, the verticals you’re selling into, etc. The pandemic shows that threats are real. When doing a risk assessment a year ago, how much time would have been put into the supply chain and pandemic planning? A year from now, how much time will be put into the supply chain and pandemic planning? From a risk tolerance standpoint, BCDR is a much easier discussion to have now that many stakeholders understand the impact of risks.

Q: How do you anticipate your BCDR sales to fluctuate moving forward as the global economy evolves with the state of the pandemic? Do you anticipate sales to increase, stay the same, or go down, and why?

I expect our BCDR sales to stay the same—unless we find a way to penetrate deeper into our market. With the complexity of the IT landscape, the market for BCDR should only increase moving forward.

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