MSP Insights: The Evolution of a Modern MSP - Leading Through Experience

By Jeff Reinholtz

In our new MSP (Managed Service Providers) Insights video series, I sit down with MSP leaders across the industry to discuss the personal and career paths that led them to the successes they have experienced today.

Join me for a discussion with Justin Smith, President & COO of Brite computers to discuss the evolution of Brite and the tactics and experiences that have led them to become a leader in the MSP community. With 22 years in the industry and clients in 42 different states (and counting), Justin outlines how Brite got their start in the cyber security space and the vision they have for Brite as a leader in the future of the industry.

Watch the video below as we explore their go-to-market strategy for simplifying the buying process for their clients focused on a well-architected layered approach that is secure in a predictable service experience. And make sure to tune in until the very end for Justin’s top piece of advice to young MSP entrepreneurs. 


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