MSP Experiences Increased Efficiency with Unified PSA-RMM

MSP Experiences Increased Efficiency with Unified PSA-RMM

By Chris Brunau

Eric Westrom recognized almost immediately after beginning his new role as CTO of Managed Service Provider (MSP) Synoptek, Inc. that there were inefficiencies with the platforms the company used to manage data and execute daily tasks. The company was using a legacy remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool that they had outgrown and was separate from their other business management platforms.

“I noticed quite a few things in my first year that didn’t make sense from an operational standpoint,” he said. “There were multiple systems in place with different tools and lots of infighting about which RMM—or even which ticketing platform—to stick with.” It had become clear that Synoptek needed to streamline the tools and platforms that it used to deliver services. Westrom and his team created a mandate that every system in the company would need to be integrated so that everyone was using a standard set of tools.

“We needed a platform that was going to let us perform multiple business functions—tracking projects, tracking financials, tracking tickets—and really become that centralized platform instead of the disparate systems that were already out there,” Westrom said.
The strategy was to make sure that employees would have full access to company data stored in one central location.

“Our advisors and people in the field servicing clients had to have the ability—with a single touch—to create a dashboard to do whatever they needed to do in order to manage those environments effectively without having to bounce between systems,” he said.

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