[Podcast] Make the Move from Backup to Total Data Protection

[Podcast] Make the Move from Backup to Total Data Protection

By Holly Wainwright

Upgrading your customers’ technology isn’t always easy, even when it’s for their own good. In this episode of the Datto Partner Podcast, Datto partner Chris Davis with Polarverse IT Services shares his insights on why upgrading his customers’ antiquated backup to a strategy that can deliver instant virtualization is so critical, and the tools that work for him. Listen to the full podcast, with host Rob Rae, Datto VP of Business Development.

How did you know it was time to upgrade your backup strategy?

I was building my own BDRs … pretty much whatever was available at the time. It was problematic because almost every time I set up a new client and I’d have to set up a BDR all over again because you could never get the same model or capacity that I was getting previously.

The biggest point that made me switch to Datto … was how quickly I could virtualize the environment either locally in a box or in the cloud. I just couldn’t match that speed doing that on my own and cost aside I was looking at how even more for my client, how quickly could I get them up and running at the end of the day that’s what’s most important.

How do you show customers the value of what upgrading their solution means?

Quite often I’ve used that Recovery Time Calculator that you guys provide to show them how much money they’re losing by being down.

How does using Datto help with traditional hardware upgrades?

That’s been a real awesome point with using Datto. I had a couple of servers that were 2003 that I had to replace but they were using some aging apps that wouldn’t run on the new 64 bit, 2012 kind of operating systems and not systems that my client wants to part with. I started with bringing a Datto unit in for that purpose to be able to virtualize it nice and easy. I actually was able to do it, get it running in Hyper V no problem. It made my life so much easier doing it that way.

How do you sell the solution?

I don’t sell [the Datto device] to them. It’s a little bit easier to ... say to them, I’m providing you with the box and if you outgrow it I’m going to put a bigger one in here. You don’t have to worry about buying another box. I put that into my monthly cost so that the first year the box is paid for then after that it increases my revenue a bit that way.

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