Microsoft Outage Proves Independent Office 365 Backup Is Vital

Microsoft Outage Proves Independent Office 365 Backup Is Vital

By Chris Brunau

To users who believe that data is safe from harm once it’s in the cloud, Microsoft’s latest datacenter outage is a call to think again. Office 365, Azure Active Directory, and Visual Studio Teams customers experienced various issues yesterday connecting to Microsoft cloud services. While the Microsoft datacenter experiencing downtime was located in the South Central United States, users around the globe were affected.

According to Microsoft and multiple disgruntled users on Twitter, users were unable to authenticate or connect to Office 365 services on Tuesday morning. This means users could not access emails, files, or SharePoint sites.

This is another important example of why a 2nd copy of your data, stored independently of your SaaS application is important.

Many cloud to cloud vendors tout the value of being able to pick your storage location for backups - oftentimes offering up Azure or AWS. When it comes to Office 365 backup however, it's STILL important to have an independent second copy of your data handy - even Microsoft can experience downtime that halts your business.

In an event like this, Datto SaaS Protection would allow IT admins to export files locally so they would continue to work and avoid any critical downtime. It’s essential to your business to ensure you’re protected no matter the circumstance, so make sure you’ve chosen the best SaaS Backup vendor for you.

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