LTE Management - Another MSP-Centric Innovation

LTE Management - Another MSP-Centric Innovation

By Scott West

At DattoCon Barcelona, the Datto Networking team announced the D200, The industry’s first MSP-centric edge router with LTE service fully embedded. Since the announcement, the reception has been incredible. That’s because the D200 not only gives our partners a more complete edge router line up, it introduces a new concept to the market: LTE Management.

LTE Management is one of two subscription options with the D200 that Datto Networking partners can sell to their clients. The first is our fully integrated 4G LTE failover, to keep your clients up and running even when their primary Internet connection goes down. When we launched the DNA nearly two years ago, we delivered 4G LTE failover. It was virtually unlimited data. And this subscription option has been a big hit and will continue with the D200.

The second option, new and available only with the D200, is LTE Management, a service that utilizes LTE to give you access to manage and configure the D200 even when the Internet is down at the client site. It’s not full failover, but it is a way to leverage LTE so you can manage and configure any Datto device on the network.

Yep, you read that correctly. Any Datto device.

That means any Datto Networking device and any Datto BCDR device. Think about that. Even if the Internet is down at your client’s site, you can still access their SIRIS device via LTE. Without getting in your car. That’s MSP-Centric Innovation.

But we went even further. With LTE Management, you can also access any Datto RMM agent on the network. That means you will have access to those devices you manage through Datto RMM, even though your client’s Internet connection is down.

Think of the possibilities!

Imagine a worst case scenario...a disaster strikes that takes down one of your client’s servers along with their ISP connection. Before the D200, you would have to either wait out the ISP, hoping you can get connectivity back. Or, you would have to go on-site to help your client.

Now, with LTE Management, your client’s devices will be remotely accessible through LTE. Simply access the SIRIS device via LTE and initiate a restore on that server that went down. And while you’re at it, check on the health of the desktops you are managing through Datto RMM.

It’s yet another innovative way for you to maintain your client’s environment, even when the worst case scenario happens. This is what makes Datto different... another MSP-centric innovation that drives value.

To learn more about the D200 and LTE Management, visit the partner portal or call your sales rep.

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