Locky Ransomware Spread in Massive Spam Campaign

Locky Ransomware Spread in Massive Spam Campaign

By Chris Brunau

A new form of Locky ransomware has surfaced, spreading over 23 million phishing emails in a single day.

According to AppRiver, this is one of the largest malware attacks in the second half of 2017. The phishing emails tend to have some vague subject lines including ‘please print’, ‘documents’, and ‘images’.

If the recipient downloads the attached file, it infects the computer with the latest version of Locky ransomware. Currently, the ransom demand is .5 Bitcoins ($2,150).

AppRiver says there is currently no way to reverse or decrypt this strain of Locky. Instead, they recommend a three-pronged approach to protecting your data including regular software updates, layered cybersecurity, and backing up your files.

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