Linux Backup Is Here

Linux Backup Is Here

By Chris Brunau

Years of hard work behind the scenes have paid off, bringing one of the most-demanded services to Datto’s Total Data Protection package.

The Linux backup agent provided a unique challenge for Datto. With hundreds of different kernel versions in existence, no vendor to call for support, and no standard development documentation; it’s not as simple as Windows. So why go through all the hard work?

Linux is one of the most widely used OS in the world. You likely use it every day without even knowing it. It’s installed on over 95% of the world’s best supercomputers, demonstrating it is the fastest performing OS with the smallest resource footprint, according to TechRadar.

Still not convinced on the importance of Linux? It’s also used by NASA, air traffic control, the NYSE, and even nuclear submarines, according to Business Insider.

The Linux agent allows partners to use existing Datto devices to protect any additional devices that may be on their client’s network, at no additional cost.

It gives partners the capability to deliver business continuity in environments where they weren’t able to compete in the past - or where they had to rely on manual workarounds or offer only file-level protection.

While other Linux agents only backup at the file level, Datto restores the entire system in one shot by using image based backup.

The driver, a library for the agent to interact with the driver, and several utilities were made open source, in an effort to further help partners. Doing so increases community involvement, meaning better support for Linux distros, as well as faster maintenance and improvements for supported distros.

The driver also uses an auto configuration, allowing the driver to adapt to almost any version of Linux you may be using.

The agent supports Fedora 20, 21 and 22; Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04; and CentOS 6 and 7; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7; and Debian 7.

The Linux backup agent is feature-rich, including file restore, local virtualization, bare metal restore and image export.

Also, no reboot is required after the Linux agent is installed.

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