Lead Generation Made MSPeasy: Outbound Marketing

Lead Generation Made MSPeasy: Outbound Marketing

By Chris Brunau

Outbound marketing refers to the traditional use of external, paid channels to deliver a business message and content to an audience, rather than making your content available on your own properties. Some examples of outbound marketing tactics include email blasts to purchased lead lists, tradeshow sponsorships, radio ads and television commercials. 

While inbound marketing is all about luring an audience to you with content customized to said group’s interests and pain points, outbound marketing is all about pushing content/messaging out to a wider audience. Inbound attracts while outbound interrupts. 

“Events are a particularly effective source of leads for Invenio IT,” said Dale Shulmistra of Invenio IT. “I like meeting with people in person. You can look them in the eye and shake their hand. I find it easier to differentiate our services from our competitors in that environment.” 

For Capstone IT, a combination of inbound and outbound marketing tactics has served in generating a continuous stream of new business opportunities. This multifaceted outreach allows the company to reach a variety of different audiences via an assortment of mediums. In particular, seminars and speaking events have been effective methods for lead generation for the MSP. The company also uses direct mail, email, Google ads and social media to reach their target audience. CEO Sitima Fowler blogs regularly to drive traffic to the company website. “You need different types of media to reach different types of people,” she said. 

Shulmistra also uses both inbound and outbound marketing for lead generation. The Invenio IT blog is updated daily and Shulmistra is active on a variety of social media platforms. “It’s about being a thought leader in the industry and presenting Invenio IT in that light.” 

“It’s all about education,” according to Fowler. “In smaller cities like Rochester, many small businesses don’t know about or understand the value of managed services, so you have to show them.” 

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