How Kroll Ontrack Expanded Granular Restore Capabilities

How Kroll Ontrack Expanded Granular Restore Capabilities

By Ian O'Brien

Today’s podcast was hosted by Datto Senior Vice President of Business Development, Rob May. Rob was the founder and CEO at Backupify, which Datto acquired in late 2014. Rob sat down with Tom McCaffrey who is a product director of Enterprise Solutions at Kroll Ontrack. Kroll and Backupify have expanded the granular restore capabilities available to Datto Partners with the release of Ontrack PowerControls for SQL. Rob and Tom discuss the new features and what it means for MSPs.

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Tom McCaffrey on the background that lead to this new product launch:

“The background is our granular restore for Exchange and SharePoint, the Exchange version has been around for 12 years. That’s been very successful to help customers restore a mailbox without having to restore the entire EBD, so saving a lot of time over the native tools.”

“We went to the PASS summit – Professional Association of SQL Server – their largest worldwide gathering, and started interacting with the user groups, and what we found was the market was asking for a granular restore solution to restore a table without having to restore the entire database, which can take tens of minutes or hours.”

Details on the release schedule and what the latest version of granular recovery for SQL includes:

“Our first release actually came out last November and with that one we were supporting the two most popular versions of SQL Server. Then we, of course not stopping there, brought out a new release last month. This new release now supports SQL server 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008 and 2005. Also, it actually supports compressed backups as well as uncompressed native SQL backups.”

Tom speaking about why this new feature is so important for end users and customers:

“Partners can help customers restore table data in a fraction of the time it would take using the native process. The most common use cases are developers trying out new things and losing data that they wanted or pushing the wrong into production. Now you can minimize the development time and you can also reduce the production downtime impacts.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the expanded granular restore capabilities available to all Datto partners, please join us at the Datto Partner Conference. Tom and the Kroll team will be there and are excited to talk with Datto partners. Sign up today.

Listen to the full interview on iTunes to hear the complete interviews with Tom.

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