Sharing The Keys To MSP Success

Sharing The Keys To MSP Success

By Ian O'Brien

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VP of Business Development, Rob Rae traveled to Dallas for an HTG event. He had the pleasure of chatting with two MSPs in James Fields from Concept Technology & Jim Turner of Hilltop Consultants. They talked about the growth each business has experienced, what it’s like being a Datto partner and some of the challenges they have faced along the way as their business have grown.

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James Fields advice to other smaller shops that want to grow and scale their businesses:

“There’s a saying that says that “new revenue solves most business problems”. What I see with a lot of the smaller shops is that they spend a lot of time hemming and hawing about what product they’re going to use for this and how they’re going to do that, and what they really need to be doing is getting out and meeting business owners and convincing them to switch to their company for a need.”

James Fields talking about his resistance to being a reseller prior to working Datto:

“The interesting thing about our relationship with Datto is that prior to reselling Datto, we never resold anything. It’s actually a mistake that we made as a business.”

“Then one of my guys, in fact two of my guys, [Derrick Rice and Keven Crabb] both said hey, this is actually crazy. What we really need to be doing is jumping on board with Datto because it’s a great system, it’s a great product. It’s going to benefit our clients, it’s going to benefit the team, it’s going to benefit the business, everybody wins.”

Jim Turner on why he made the decision to standardize on Datto three years ago:

“As far as the features go with Datto, we liked the features. We liked the automatic virtualization, and the screen shots. That was very helpful. Our support team found that Datto was just easier for them to manage. It was just trouble free. They had a lot more problems with those other solutions that we found, and once we found a solution that the support team could trust, we decided that it was best to standardize across the board, so they didn’t have to deal with any of those legacy systems.”

Jim Turner speaking about where he sees the best fit and solution for his customers in the legal vertical:

“The number one thing that we talk to our clients about, is productivity. When you’re running a law firm, and you have 50 attorneys, who bill at an average bill rate of, let’s say, $400 to $500 an hour, you cannot afford to have any downtime. They just look at having a powerful business continuity solution as the cost of doing business, because they just can’t risk the downtime.”

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