Keeping School In Session With Total Data Protection

Keeping School In Session With Total Data Protection

By Chris Brunau

Fairfield Country Day School (FCDS) isn’t your typical school. By leveraging the latest technology, including tablets, laptops and smartboards, FCDS brings learning into the 21st century for students from preschool through ninth grade.


Managing smart devices for 260 students and 75 staff members is no small task. JJ Van Ess, Technology and Marketing Associate at FCDS, ensures every bit of technology is in working order to best serve the students and faculty. His responsibilities include overseeing all hardware, software, servers, and, of course, data protection.

To ease the burden and ensure all aspects of their IT run smoothly, Van Ess and FCDS trust their data and IT management to Ash Creek Enterprises, a Connecticut-based Managed Service Provider (MSP) specializing in private education. Thanks to Ash Creek, Van Ess knows he is safe from suffering any potential downtime, and fully protected from computer viruses, hardware failure, and anything else that may threaten the cybersecurity at Fairfield Country Day.

Ash Creek ensures Total Data Protection for customers by leveraging Datto, a best- in-class backup and disaster recovery solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses . With a Datto solution in place, Van Ess need not worry about the security of the school’s data. If something fails, Datto ensures FCDS can continue to access their important files and folders without suffering any major downtime.

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