Join Us at MSP Marketing and Sales Day: Tips and Techniques for MSP Businesses

Join Us at MSP Marketing and Sales Day: Tips and Techniques for MSP Businesses

By Courtney Heinbach

As a managed service provider (MSP), you’ve got the technical side of your business down pat. Technology is your thing, and you deliver the best possible service for your clients with the help of solutions that make it easier to do your job. But what about the business side of things? How much time are you spending on growing your businesses and reaching new clientele?

If sales are marketing aren’t your thing, you’re not alone. In fact, MSPs identified sales and marketing as top pain points in our annual State of the MSP Report for four years in a row. So how can MSPs overcome the challenge of sales and marketing for their services?

There’s much more to cover than we can squeeze into this blog, but here are a few pointers. If you’re interested in learning more about sales and marketing for your MSP business, join the Datto team and industry experts at MSP Marketing and Sales Day on Thursday, May 20th, for a crash course in communicating the value and selling your services and technology.

Build a pipeline of prospective clients

Finding new clientele comes from inbound and outbound marketing efforts. Draw prospects in with resources like a blog, whitepapers, paid advertising, and search engine optimization. Outbound efforts like events, talks/presentations, and referrals get your business out there in front of the audience you’re looking to target.

A healthy mix of inbound and outbound efforts will give you a good start on building a pipeline that you can work through the sales funnel to ultimately increase your client list.

Build sales expertise among your team

Once you’ve got a pipeline to work on, you and your staff are ready to start the sales conversation. As we covered in Sales Made MSPeasy, there are foundational steps to take to get started on your journey to more successful selling.

Educating your team on how to sell is step number one. Even if you don’t have dedicated sales folks, invest in resources to help your staff understand the art of selling. Say you have three technicians on your team. Technicians often manage the client relationship, so it’s not incredibly rare to find a technician venturing into a sales conversation with a client for an upsell opportunity, but they need that education to make it a seamless transition.

For a prospective client, begin by outlining the benefits you’ll bring to their business and be prepared to discuss why you’re a better option than the MSP down the street. Once you’ve got them interested, start going into detail about the services you offer, the options available to their business, and share a success story you have from an existing client.

Communicate the benefit, not the technology

The small and medium businesses of the world are looking to you as their MSP to bring value to their business through streamlined technology, always-on data and systems, and improved collaboration. When you’re on a sales call or developing a piece of marketing collateral, think to yourself, why does the client care?

Outlining the benefits of a solution or service rather than the technical details and how it works can help your client or prospective client better understand why they should consider this for their business.

Join us at MSP Marketing and Sales Day

We know MSPs struggle with sales and marketing, so we’ve planned an entire event focused on just that–MSP Marketing and Sales Day will be chock full of marketing and sales techniques for MSPs like you to bring back to your business and grow your bottom line. Join us to learn:

  • Prospecting and lead generation strategies and techniques
  • How to define your sales and relationship management process
  • Tips for positioning yourself as a trusted advisor to your clients and prospects
  • How to provide maximum value after the sale

We hope you can join us. Happy selling!

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