Is Your Data Ready For The Windows 10 Update?

Is Your Data Ready For The Windows 10 Update?

By Chris Brunau

With the recent release of Windows 10 being followed by various patches and updates, is it ready for your data?

Instead of issuing updates in individual patches, Microsoft is now releasing in bundles, at least for the initial roll-out. While it may make it easy to patch systems, it could make it difficult to diagnose and address errors if a single patch causes an issue, according to Computerworld.

With any update to your operating system, it’s important to take proper measures to secure your data. Whether that means a backup, or having a solid disaster recovery plan in place, it’s imperative to cover the bases.

A possible issues surrounding Windows 10 is the fact that it’s backwards compatible. While this allows older software to continue to run on the new system, it also means that older applications which may have issues or malware can also continue to run.

According to a recent article in CIO, it isn’t imperative that you upgrade to Windows 10 immediately. If you are running on older system like XP that is no longer supported, it would be wise to do it immediately.

If you decide to upgrade, it is important to make sure you are ready. With some issues arising through patches, it is possible you may experience errors and potential downtime. The best practice would be to make sure any data is backed up and protected.

Like in the case of Reagan National Airport, a software update can lead to downtime if things don’t go correctly. What better way to protect yourself against that than with instant virtualization

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