Is Your Business Prepared for a Winter Storm?

Is Your Business Prepared for a Winter Storm?

By Chris Brunau

What would you do if your business was pummeled by a winter storm, causing power outages and prohibiting access from your office and clients? 

Disaster recovery planning is an absolute must in a situation like this. It’s important to consider the impact a storm can have and to ensure you have a plan in place. Understand your vulnerabilities, safeguard against risks, and prepare for the worst.

Some things to consider to protect your business during a storm include preparing your building and ensuring there are no leaking pipes that may turn into a hazard with freezing temperatures, removing snow surrounding your building and on the roof, and obtaining a backup generator in case you lose power during the storm. For some more basic tips before and during a winter storm, head to

If you’re interested in more information about how you ensure your business will not suffer during hazardous weather, check out our Natural Disaster Survival Guide for Businesses. This guide provides information about the risk levels and potential impact of various disasters, how disaster recovery planning can keep your business running, and more. Above all, stay safe during the storm!

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