IRS Issues Warning About W-2 Phishing Scam

IRS Issues Warning About W-2 Phishing Scam

By Chris Brunau

People may be getting a little something extra tax season. Unfortunately, it isn’t a bigger refund check.

The IRS has issued a warning regarding a recent W-2 email phishing scam making rounds. According to the IRS, the scam is casting a wide net, affecting businesses, school districts, tribal organizations, and nonprofits.

The cyber thieves are using phishing emails which are disguised as emails from executives in the organization. Emails are sent to employees in human resources and payroll asking for a list of W-2 forms. In addition to attempting to steal private information, the scammers are also looking to swindle users out of money via wire transfers.

John Koskinen, IRS Commissioner, says “this is one of the most dangerous email phishing scams we’ve seen in a long time. It can result in the large-scale theft of sensitive data that criminals can use to commit various crimes, including filing fraudulent tax returns. We need everyone’s help to turn the tide against this scheme.”

The IRS suggests users should remain vigilant and use caution when searching for tax help online. For more information about the scam and how you can protect yourself, head over to To better protect yourself, it may be a good idea to learn more about how to spot a phishing email. Check out our recent blog for some tips.

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