Introducing the Post-DattoCon Tech Series

Introducing the Post-DattoCon Tech Series

By Melissa Stanton

DattoCon is THE event in the channel, any Datto partner knows this to be true. Previous podcast episodes have reviewed the various benefits of attending the annual DattoCon, but what about the Datto employees who attend it? What is their takeaway?

This podcast does not only provide some insider insight into what the event is like from the perspective of an employee, but also how the energy after the product announcements at DattoCon shaped the event.

Kevin Williams and Jackson Camp provide an overview of how each of the product announcements will help partners, but without going into too much detail. This is just the beginning of the series!

According to Kevin, this series will include 4 episodes. The first is solely focused on SIRIS 3 - the software, the Ubuntu 1604 update and so on. The next will be focused on the Mac Agent and how that’s newly integrated with current devices and options in the new devices that will be rolling out with the SIRIS 3 devices. Next is a podcast about DNA emphasizing all of the different traits and features that can be provided on that appliance. Last will be an entire podcast about the Partner Portal and how that is extremely beneficial for all Datto partners.

For more information, listen to the entire podcast.

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