Introducing Datto Managed Power

Introducing Datto Managed Power

By Chris Brunau

We are proud to announce the availability of Datto Managed Power, a new line of cloud-managed products that allow MSPs to remotely power cycle unresponsive devices to reduce the need for costly on-site visits. Our initial Managed Power device, the MP60, provides six independently controlled outlets with manual, scheduled, and automated power cycling options, integrated WiFi connectivity, surge protection, and native reporting tools. Datto Managed Power is purpose-built to save MSPs time and money.

“We took a fresh look at how we could develop a power device that saves time and maximizes productivity,” said John Tippett, Vice President of Networking at Datto. “We expect this product to have a real impact on the profitability of our partners and the uptime of their clients.”

Datto Managed Power devices offer:

  • Simple, Intuitive Cloud Management: Cloud management eliminates the need to roll a truck to power cycle an unresponsive device.

  • Automated Ping Testing: Automated power cycling saves you time and improves customer experience.

  • Surge Protection, Reimagined: 4,000 joules of surge protection with automatic device replacement when protection is depleted.

  • Ethernet + Integrated WiFi: The moment a device is plugged in, a mesh connection is made with WiFi access points on the network.

  • Automated Power Reporting: Native reporting tools offer an overview of power usage over time.

"Having the ability to remotely and automatically reboot devices is really a game-changer for us" said Joe Wright, Jr. of Central PA Technologies, LLC. "So many client devices just need a reboot to restore performance. That functionality, plus the ability to schedule power cycles and report on power usage is extremely valuable to us.”

The MP60 is currently available in the United States and Canada. Learn more about the MP60 today

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