Internet Uptime: Essential for Service Providers

Internet Uptime: Essential for Service Providers

By Chris Brunau

Why IT Partners+ deployed Datto Networking in house.

IT continuity is essential for MSPs, because their customers depend on them for 24/7/365 tech support. According to Jonathan Highman, co-owner of IT Partners+, a Grand Rapids, MI based Datto Partner, uptime is essential because delivering IT managed services is all about customer service. Internet is particularly important, because MSPs manage their customers’ networks remotely.


Like many small to medium sized businesses, IT Partners relies on cable Internet. “We use Comcast Business, and it goes down fairly frequently—this month alone, we’ve had two outages,” said Highman. “Thankfully, we have a Datto Networking Appliance in place. The 4G LTE failover lets us continue to serve our customers when the Internet is down. We use Datto products ourselves, so we can conduct business as usual.”

IT Partners was recently spun out of Computer Rescue 911, another business Highman operates with his partner Kevin Damghani. Computer Rescue started in the residential space about 10 years ago but over time evolved to take on business clients. Computer Rescue continues to serve residential and break-fix IT customers, while IT Partners was launched to deliver fully managed services for SMBs.

IT Partners serves customers ranging from five to 500 employees, and their goal is to eliminate IT pain points for SMBs. “We deliver proactive support, so customers don’t need to worry about technology,” said Damghani. “We partner with vendors that are focused on uptime—that’s the core of our business.”

According to Damghani, IT Partners has been a Datto Partner for about three years, and when he heard that Datto was moving into networking he knew the focus would be on continuity. For that reason, he was quick to recommend Datto Networking to customers. “When Internet goes down, many customers accuse us even though it’s an ISP issue,” said Damghani. “Datto Networking gives a product to address Internet downtime. Now, many of our customers don’t even notice an Internet outage.”

These days, Internet connectivity is more important to businesses than ever. “Clients are moving to cloud apps, with that the need for Internet uptime is increased,” said Damghani. “Keeping productivity going is the name of the game.” Additionally, Internet downtime can lead to accidental data loss. “If you don’t have Internet, you can’t do offsite replication for DR,” said Christopher Morris, Network Engineer with IT Partners. “We recommend Datto Networking with Datto Continuity to ensure data gets offsite for DR.”

Internet downtime isn’t simply an inconvenience—for many businesses, downtime has a direct impact on revenue and their ability to compete in the market. That’s why IT Partners recommends the Datto Networking Appliance. “Most businesses simply think of Internet downtime as an unfortunate part of doing business.” said Damghani. “But, when they start to see uptime as a competitive advantage, they see the value in Internet continuity.”

If you’re in the service industry like IT Partners, Internet uptime should be considered essential. Without it, your ability to respond to your customers’ needs will be impacted. If you’ve got a lot of nearby competitors, your customers are likely to look elsewhere for service. “From a business perspective, if we lose Internet we are sweating bullets, so we understand what it means to be down and not be able to serve our customers,” said Highman.

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