In The Nick Of (Down)time

In The Nick Of (Down)time

By Chris Brunau

Preferred IT Group has been providing IT services to small and mid-sized businesses in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio for over 10 years. With a seasoned team of network engineers and consultants, the company works to not only implement new technology solutions, but carry out long-term management and support to help clients grow.

Part of the company’s IT promise includes keeping clients’ IT infrastructure as up-to-date and as innovative as possible. Often, these preemptive actions save clients from data breaches, data loss, network failure, etc.

One such example speaks volumes of Preferred IT’s commitment to this promise. One of the company’s clients, Rogers Electro-Matics is an electronic controls manufacturer in Indiana. Recently, Preferred IT upgraded their backup solution to a Datto SIRIS enterprise device.

While the Datto SIRIS offered them a backup solution, Preferred IT also urged them to update their server. Initially, Rogers Electro-Matics wasn’t too eager to upgrade. Their Dell server held a legacy application that wouldn’t run on newer Windows servers. Luckily, they listened to their trusted advisors at Preferred IT and ordered new hardware.

Shortly after upgrading to the Datto SIRIS and ordering new server hardware, Rogers Electro-Matics’ Dell server failed. Luckily, Preferred IT had already put a solution in place that could keep them in business during this time.

To learn more about how Preferred IT Group and Datto kept Rogers Electro-Matics up and running, download the full case study.

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