Improving Security with Trusted Networks

Improving Security with Trusted Networks

By Adina Schoeneman

Protecting Datto’s MSP partners and their clients’ information and data is our priority and we feel a strong sense of responsibility to help you safeguard your clients from potential threats.

Earlier this year, we began implementing security improvements for the Datto Partner Portal, starting with two-factor authentication. As Datto’s strategy continues to emphasize the Partner Portal as a one-stop shop for the MSP workflow, the need to protect the sensitive and valuable business data in the portal remains paramount.

What Is the Value of IP Address Management?

As an MSP, it is important to have granular control over the security of your sensitive business data, as well as protect your clients. Centralized management of your account’s network accessibility is a proactive and protective process that enables efficient use of the platform for your frequent users, and more critically, supports troubleshooting and abuse investigations in the event of an active threat.

We have now added an IP address management feature into the Datto Partner Portal.

What Is IP Address Management in the Context of the Datto Partner Portal?

Admins can now manage IP addresses within the Organizational Settings in the Partner Portal. This enables admins to:

  • View the IP addresses most frequently used to access the Datto Partner Portal from within their organization.
  • Whitelist frequently used IP addresses for streamlined Partner Portal access with fewer multifactor authentication requests.
  • Blacklist IP addresses that do not have permission to access the Partner Portal.
  • Datto’s Threat Intelligence feature will automatically block tor nodes to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.
  • Set custom email alerts to warn specified users when suspicious, and potentially malicious, IP addresses attempt to log into the Partner Portal.

We encourage our current partners to take advantage of this security improvement as soon as possible in order to strengthen the protection of your data.

To begin managing your IP addresses, learn more in the Datto KB.

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