IMP Solutions Finds Success Moving from VAR to Managed Services

Feb 01, 2017

IMP Solutions Finds Success Moving from VAR to Managed Services

BY Chris Brunau

When value-added reseller IMP Solutions decided to build their own MSP practice, they needed clear guidance for their new service. IMP hired Jeremy Agnew as a Network Operations Center Manager, trusting his ability to launch the program and provide comprehensive managed IT solutions in the local small to midsized business market.

One year into his role, IMP Solutions’ MSP practice had grown to provide Atlantic Canadian businesses with reliable cost-effective and efficient IT support. However, Agnew still needed to find a trustworthy backup and disaster recovery (DR) vendor to deliver rapid recovery times for complete business continuity. Through an MSP networking event, Agnew was introduced to Datto, beginning a business continuity partnership that continues to protect their clients’ operations and revenue stream.

One Atlantic Canadian HVAC business long relied upon a competitor’s disaster recovery product which sluggishly restored them after outages. When they reached out to IMP Solutions after a three-month search for an alternative, Jeremy Agnew’s team determined the client’s infrastructure could not support the installed solution’s redundancy, so instead offered a Datto SIRIS backup and disaster recovery solution as a cost-effective option. IMP Solutions ran a successful offsite DR test with some of the HVAC business’ staff, and its flawless performance sparked instant confidence in the Datto solution. Within a month, the SIRIS was ordered, installed, retested, and running to the client’s satisfaction.

For more about how Datto has helped IMP Solutions transition from VAR to MSP, read the full success story

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