What’s So Great About Image-Based Backup?

What’s So Great About Image-Based Backup?

By Ian O'Brien

Do You Know the Difference Between File- and Image-Based Backup?

How you backup data has a direct impact on your overall data protection strategy. If your customer base relies on its data to operate its business, is file up to the task? Is it important for your business customers to safeguard all their data or only select files? As a MSP, do you feel comfortable prioritizing which files are priority? It’s pretty risky to choose which files are most important for your customers and which are expendable. With a file-based backup solution, that’s basically what you’re doing. Only with an image-based backup solution can you be assured that all your customers’ data will be backed up and available for restore and business continuity.

With image-based backup a picture of the workstation or server is taken and stored as a place in time for that machine. This is essential for restoration because rebuilding or virtualizing a machine requires not just files but also the applications and systems. Backups are the size of the changed data between two points but hold the information to restore any piece of data that was on the machine at the time of the backup.

Additional advantages of image-based backup are:

  • full restores are faster
  • can restore individual files
  • ability for bare metal restores (BMR)
  • can verify images
  • boot virtual machines
  • run remote offices

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With more data being created, the value of the data increasing, stricter regulations, and no time for downtime—an image-based backup solution fits the bill better than older, outdated methods.

So when your customer experiences a system disruption, be it malware, failed server or most likely human error, make sure they can’t say “What do you mean the file’s lost? It has all my customer’s billing information!” Be there for your customer, not dread their phone call when a disruption happens (and you know it will).

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