7 Essential Benefits Of Hybrid Cloud Backup

7 Essential Benefits Of Hybrid Cloud Backup

By Chris Brunau

Hybrid Cloud Backup has provided SMBs with obtainable total data protection. In today’s industry, it’s no longer just a luxury, but instead a necessity.

With the high threat of downtime, and the cost coming in at $163,674 per hour, according to the Aberdeen Group, there’s very little room for error, and no room for total data loss.

If data isn’t accessible, business continuity comes to a halt, and could potentially have devastating long-term effects.

Through total data protection, business continuity is also in your arsenal. If disaster strikes, you need to minimize the amount of downtime and have your failover systems up and running as quickly as possible.

With a hybrid cloud solution like Datto, businesses are safeguarded by storing all data, applications and server images off-site as well as on location, giving extra security. It also allows the data, applications and server images to be accessed from any failover location, providing very little downtime. 

For more information on why every MSP and SMB should embrace hybrid cloud technology, check out the complete 7 Essential Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Technology eBook below.

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