Hurricane Joaquin Is On The Horizon, Is Your Business Ready?

Hurricane Joaquin Is On The Horizon, Is Your Business Ready?

By Michaela Scampoli

If you’ve been tuned into the news for the last day or so you’ve probably heard about Hurricane Joaquin. The hurricane was dubbed category 4 today, and is heading to the East Coast on Friday October, 2nd. With winds estimated to reach a high of 125 mph, it’s no surprise officials have begun to declare states of emergency.

While people begin batting down the hatches around their homes we have to hope businesses are secure as well. We’ve gathered some stats around the 2015 hurricane season, and the numbers aren’t too hopeful. 60% of businesses only have local backup- which won’t serve them any help during flooding situations. 15% of small businesses aren’t backing up their data at all. Interested to know just how much the most historically damaging hurricanes cost? Check out this infographic for all of the numbers.

As this year marked a decade since Hurricane Katrina, can we say that businesses are better prepared? When Hurricane Sandy laid down tracks just a few years ago, 71% of businesses were still affected by power loss. 52% of those companies experienced sales and revenue loss. Quite frankly, those numbers are too high considering the tools available to avoid them.

So what can businesses do today? Technology has come so far, and a power outage should no longer be the reason you can’t close out your quota this quarter. Investing in business continuity solutions can not only protect your sensitive data, but these solutions can get you up and running faster than Joaquin’s winds are traveling.

We’ve decided to roll out a special deal to encourage businesses to prepare for the weekend ahead, and to help them keep their doors open next week. Starting now through October 2nd at 4pm, we’re offering exclusive pricing for Datto solutions. If you’re interested in learning more, contact for details.

And most importantly, stay safe!

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