How Zantek IT Said "No" to an RFP and Still Won the Business

How Zantek IT Said "No" to an RFP and Still Won the Business

By Andrew Burton

Since MSPs focus exclusively on technology, they are often in a position to educate customers about new technologies. Sometimes, that means recommending a solution a customer doesn’t even realize they need. Zantek IT, a Winnipeg, MB based Datto Partner, did just that when responding to a recent disaster recovery testing RFP.

The test scenario required respondents to prove the ability to restore critical systems (Exchange, SQL) following a complete failure of their HyperV core servers and SAN using the organization’s existing tape backup system.

“Rather than follow the letter of the request, we decided to get a little radical and propose installing a Datto device to take a snapshot of their production servers and show them how quickly they could be recovered,” said Ron Mondor, President at Zantek IT. “We took a chance that they might eliminate us for not proposing what they requested. However, they liked what we suggested, and now we are conducting a proof of concept.”

Below is an excerpt from Zantek’s proposal:

“I love this story,” said Rob Rae, Vice President of Business Development at Datto. “Walking away from business is always difficult. Saying “no” to business right in front of you is even more difficult. Having the confidence that you are doing the right thing and proposing the correct solution despite the risk of losing takes a lot of courage not all of us have.”

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