What is Unified Continuity?

What is Unified Continuity?

By Chris Brunau

When a system goes down, getting that system back up and running quickly is the goal of every managed service provider (MSP). All too often however, a backup will fail, causing the MSP to lose confidence in the backup and recovery process. Lack of consistency in backup performance means MSPs have to do more work to keep customers in operation. MSPs need to know that their backups are in good standing so they can be the hero for their customers.

Datto’s business continuity products empower MSPs with backup reliability and consistent restoration outcomes. When disaster strikes and systems go down, MSPs need to know that their backups are in good standing so they can be the hero for their customer. This lack of downtime provides end users with an edge when local competitors lack the ability to bounce back quickly. 

Uptime, All The Time

Business continuity is more than backup and recovery. Going beyond simply recovering data, business continuity saves businesses by keeping them online in the face of otherwise devastating issues such as ransomware, malware, natural disasters, network downtime and costly human errors. Most importantly, business continuity offers end users the ability to immediately get business systems back up and running.

Not All Business Continuity Is Created Equally

Many business continuity systems are not reliable. And this lack of reliability can cause MSPs to lose customers because of unplanned downtime. Extensive restore times from file backups, backup failures and the inability to restore data for their customers present major pain points for the MSP. Datto eliminates those concerns by designing and delivering better backup and restore options that give MSPs confidence in their data protection and enable them to instantly virtualize from the Datto Cloud.

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