Support Secure Remote Collaboration with Datto Workplace

Support Secure Remote Collaboration with Datto Workplace

By Andrew Burton

During this global health crisis, effective collaboration is a challenge facing many businesses. Many are turning to consumer file sync and share tools such as Google Drive or Dropbox to collaborate during this time. For MSPs, this can present a data protection challenge. When clients use consumer-grade solutions to store and share critical business files, MSPs lose control and oversight of their data. This exposes them to considerable risk.

Remote work can present other challenges and risks, such as the likelihood to be targeted by external threats, like ransomware. Additionally, using new technology and tools to continue employee collaboration and productivity can add complexity to SMBs that must adhere to specific compliance rules or auditing procedures.

With Datto Workplace, businesses can get the tools they need for effective collaboration and MSPs maintain the control and oversight necessary to keep them secure.

User benefits:

  • Native format file sync and share
  • Easy to use integrations with O365 and Google Docs
  • Versioning capabilities to easily revert documents or folders to a previous state
  • Intuitive user interface for easy collaboration and increased productivity
  • Sophisticated external administrative controls like public shares and password-protected links

MSP benefits:

  • Proactive threat detection and management to mitigate infections from syncing across all devices
  • Complete audit logs with a full view of user, device and project activity, as well as auto-generated reports to meet compliance requirements
  • Sophisticated internal policy profiles that ensure employees have the right permissions to do their job, nothing more and nothing less
  • Centralized, multi-tenant management

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