How to Stay Safe During a Hurricane

How to Stay Safe During a Hurricane

By Chris Brunau

As Hurricane Dorian approaches, it’s important to heed warnings and take the necessary precautions to guarantee safety.

Here are a few helpful tips from the Red Cross to help you prepare and stay safe:

  • Assemble an emergency preparedness kit
  • Create a household evacuation plan
  • Stay informed about community risk and response plans
  • Ensure you have access to NOAA radio broadcasts
  • Keep insurance policies and other important documents in a safe-deposit box to avoid damage during a hurricane or flooding

To learn more about what you can do to prepare before a hurricane and how to stay safe during the storm, head to the Red Cross website.

The Datto DRT 

Please stay safe by preparing well ahead of time. We will stay in touch with final plans and contact information for the DRT. Datto partners, please reach out to your Account Manager or Datto Support if you need assistance.

Datto Support Main Line: 1-833-832-4780, Option 9 for Disaster Recovery

Code Red Direct-to-Tech: 833-328-8637

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