How To Simplify Fleet Migration With Datto

How To Simplify Fleet Migration With Datto

By Chris Brunau

Whether you’re migrating a fleet of 5 devices or 50, Datto is there to make it as simple as possible.

At EDTS, a major upgrade may have seemed like a daunting task. The Augusta-based partner with nearly 50 clients decided it was time for a change. The decision came as a result of an analysis by CIO Delano Collins, who determined the complexity, lack of key features like automation, integration and self-service of the previous backup and recovery solution was costing the company.

In his first project as CIO, Collins decided it was time to replace all their appliances. His main concern was that they were spending 600% more time support their current appliance than Datto-based backups. They had a few Datto’s in their fleet, and decided it would be beneficial to make a full switch.

“It’s scary to think that you’re going in and swapping out 50 backup appliances. There’s a lot of technical hurdles that have to happen, a lot of things that have to happen in a row, for you to get in there and replace the device and maintain its archive history, and still get another device in there and get that working, and then pull the old device out. Datto made that so smooth,” said Collins.

“From the way they designed the products to the way they pack them in their boxes, Datto made everything so simple and easy it allows us to make just one visit to all of our clients to get these things set up,” says Collins

In a recent partner podcast, Collins further explained the importance and ease in his recent upgrade.

By breaking it down into 3 simple steps, the process can be less intimidating and well worth your time.

Through education and resources, provided by Datto, you can get online training and partner portal resources including set-up guides, best practices as well as some common Datto-related questions.

After the proper preparation, proper implementation is equally important. Datto will first take you through the on-boarding process, consisting of white glove configuration service, one on one time with a partner success engineer and resource portal tour.

Lastly, Datto will perform a check-in to make sure things are running smoothly and the migration is complete.

See the power of Datto here.

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