How the Datto DRT Prepares for a Storm

How the Datto DRT Prepares for a Storm

By Chris Brunau

Preparing for a disaster is not all excitement and impending doom. In fact, most of it is really boring and mundane. Take, for example, training. This is a critical aspect of responding to a disaster. Just ask Datto Director of Technical Support Zac Shannon. “It takes a full team effort to ensure the success of the DRT. Of course, that begins with making sure the team on the ground is safe and not complicating any issues for first responders. The last thing we want to do is become part of a larger problem for services by getting stuck in a perilous situation.“

For this reason, every member of the DRT goes through SafeResponse training. This training educates the team members how to deal with evacuation coordination, disaster response planning, how to lead a team during an emergency, and how to take proper directions from first responders. And this year we took it one step further, putting members of the team through FEMA training. This enables us to work with national, state and local agencies, such as the ITDRC, and help the greater community in a coordinated fashion, while still helping our partners and their customers.

On top of the technical training the entire team undergoes as part of their day job, there is much more to do. We have to train the team up on proper procedures in everything from how to use a small water filtration system, to how to operate the truck and emergency winch. There is no shortage of trouble the team can get in to, and we want to ensure the team is self-sufficient, properly trained and equipped to assist with their mission.

As we write this, we have been closely tracking the storm to determine the most effective way to help our partners and recovery efforts. The DRT is gearing up to provide partners with assistance in the affected area. DRT Team 1 will depart for Raleigh, North Carolina on Thursday 9/13 and will station there for Friday, 9/14. Dependent on the weather, the team will head to Garner, North Carolina on Saturday, 9/15 to take up residence with our partner WingSwept. The second wave will arrive on September 19th with additional Datto devices and supplies.

You can track the progress of the Datto Disaster Response Team (DRT) through the Datto Twitter handle with the latest updates, observations, and insights. If you’re a Datto Partner in need of assistance, please call Datto Tech Support directly at 877-455-6015, email the DRT at or call at 310-956-1200 to make device and support requests.

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