BCDR Saves Town After Hardware Failure

BCDR Saves Town After Hardware Failure

By Samantha Ciaccia

Solut Ltd. is a comprehensive IT management and consulting firm located in Edmonton, Alberta, providing creative IT solutions to meet the needs of their clients throughout the Edmonton and Calgary area. With the mission to make technology uncomplicated, they take a uniquely human approach to providing managed services for their clients to solve their everyday problems.

In business since 2001, Solut has grown to over 50 knowledgeable, passionate, and motivated employees working toward one common goal: seeking effective IT solutions. They strategically partner with leading vendors, like Datto Inc., to deliver best in class business continuity and disaster recovery services to their clients.

Glen Dobranski is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Solut, now servicing over 150 clients in construction, manufacturing, government, non-profit, and municipal verticals. Their focus is local small-to-mid-sized businesses where long term relationships built on trust can develop

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