Paul is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ThinkGard, an MSP and Datto partner. His main role is to oversee Operations, Customer Service, Channel Partner Relations, Vendor Relations, and Financial functions of the business.

Paul is a successful technology entrepreneur and over his 20 year career has developed multiple organizations and professional teams to meet a broad scope of technology needs for business clients of all shapes and sizes. The growing demand for Intelligent Business Continuity Solutions in his customer base lead Paul to launch ThinkGard to focus solely on Disaster Preparedness in the SMB marketplace.

Paul is the author of Year 2000 Survival Guide which provided wise counsel to the technical community during the Y2K uncertainty period. Paul is a graduate of Herzing University and resides in the Birmingham area with his wife, Neely, and their three sons.

You have enough to worry about as an MSP. From managing your existing client base to looking for new business, you certainly have your hands full.

Backup and Disaster recovery solutions are a great revenue stream for MSPs however, one crucial part of selling backup & disaster recovery solutions is creating and testing disaster recovery plans. This is one of our most important pieces of the business and a major reason why our prospective clients choose us in their selection process. Writing these plans can be a taxing undertaking. From building or selecting templates, to combing through every aspect of the system without accidentally excluding something. We knew there had to be an easier way, so we developed PlanITDR.

But first, let me give you some background on myself and ThinkGard. I’ve worked in the technology community for well over 20 years, and I have been leading ThinkGard for just about five years now. We primarily work with clients in the government sector, so having a tried and true DR plan is absolutely imperative to all our clients. There’s no room for error or downtime, because entire cities depend on them.

As imperative as DR plans are, they still can take up quite a bit of time. As I said earlier, it can be a taxing process, but it is an absolute necessity. We typically work with larger clients, and sometimes it can take as long as a week to create, test, and present a DR plan to our client. PlanITDR allows us to save countless hours and produce better results to guarantee our clients are better prepared.

PlanITDR has a 100 percent integration into Datto through API, and it allows us to bring our client’s backup appliance and write their DR plan as easy as 1,2,3. We can simplify the process through a template, and input the appropriate data to customize and tailor plans for each client in a fraction of the time.  

After we saw the success of PlanITDR with our clients at ThinkGard, we had a crazy idea...every Datto partner needs this! What if we could take this technology and share it with Datto partners and improve their DR plan creation? We have worked closely with Datto to iron out the details and beta test.

PlanITDR is channel only and was built by MSPs for MSPs!

To learn more about how PlanITDR works and see what it looks like, visit our website to watch a video of the tool in action and sign up for a live demo and start creating your first, second, or third DR plan for the day!