How Multiple Data Centers Help Our Canadian Partners

How Multiple Data Centers Help Our Canadian Partners

By Chris Brunau

Protecting data and satisfying the needs of our partners are two driving factors for us at Datto. That’s why we opened a second data center in Canada this past summer. But, what does that mean for our partners?

It benefits them in a number of ways. The two Canadian data centers provide geographic redundancy for Datto SIRIS devices with point-to-point data circuits to ensure secure and private data transfers between the two locations. Depending on the nature of the disaster, a single site may provide adequate protection. However, a severe weather event or region-wide natural disaster could impact the local device and cloud data center if they are located in the same region. With bi-coastal cloud data centers, Canadian partners can be confident that they can restore customer data no matter what.

The Canadian market continues to rapidly grow for Datto, with a four-fold increase in Canadian partners since 2014. Our Calgary and Toronto data centers complement each other well and bring premiere data protection to our Canadian partners.

To learn more about our expansion into Canada with our Calgary data center, check out our recent press release.

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