How MSPs Can Develop a Sales and Marketing Process

How MSPs Can Develop a Sales and Marketing Process

By Chris Brunau

Many IT service providers struggle with sales and marketing. In some cases, that’s because they come from a technical background rather than a business one. Others, particularly small shops, may simply not have the time (or think they have the time) to devote to sales and marketing. However, if you are looking to grow your business, developing a repeatable sales process is essential. A typical sales process might look something like this:

  • Marketing and Prospecting: This is the process of generating leads. This may involve researching potential clients, cold calling, attending industry events, outbound marketing (local ads, Google AdWords campaigns, etc), and inbound marketing (blogging, social media, etc).

  • Initial Contact: The goal of initial contact is to gather information about the company’s specific needs and qualify the lead’s potential to become a customer.

  • Technical Presentation: This stage is a formal presentation or demonstration. It might feature a number of technologies depending on the customer’s specific needs. This step is reserved for well-qualified leads.

  • Close: This includes getting buy-in from decision makers, negotiating price, etc.

According to Dale Shulmistra, co-founder of Invenio IT, sales and marketing are their major focus. “You are providing a service. For us, that’s technology,” he said. “But, the business side is a bigger focus for me. But, I come from a business background, I have a finance degree, and I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies.”

This, of course, isn’t the case for most IT providers. So, Shulmistra suggested starting with your strengths. “For example, I’m a lot better in person than over the phone,” he said. “So, I tend to try to do a lot of prospecting at industry events. Someone else might be a really strong writer and use that to generate leads.”

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