How MSPs Can Avoid Hindering Their Revenue

How MSPs Can Avoid Hindering Their Revenue

By Chris Brunau

As an MSP, your goal is to deliver the best solution possible for your customers while also creating revenue for your company. Why would you do anything that could potentially hinder your revenue?

As we previously highlighted, some downsides to customizable BDR features are that Everything is treated as an ‘upsell opportunity’ and you’re only getting a solution piecemeal. In part two, we dive into other factors that may be causing your business to land in the red when it comes to offering BDR solutions to your customers.

  • Order taker vs. partner: Because the vendors only sell you half a product on purpose, the assumption is that you’re going to come back and buy more…because you don’t have a choice. In other words, they stop trying to earn your business and focus on taking more of your business, without anything in return. The relationship is based purely on transactions vs. a valued partnership. What does that mean for you or your customers in the long run? How is that going to affect the way they treat you during customer service calls or when you need to upgrade?
  • Innovations may cut into margins: Each new BDR feature developed and offered by your vendor should enhance your service offering and relationship with your end customers. However, when vendors charge for each new a la carte feature, it will cut into your structured revenue model and into your ROI. If it’s not eating into your ROI, chances are it’s resulting in constant upsell conversations that result in higher prices for the consumer…we previously discussed how that’s not ideal(and go into further specifics in the eBook).
  • Your goals just aren’t aligned: At the end of the day, you want a BDR solution that meets your needs right out of the box. A turnkey solution provides you with peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need to solve a business problem at a reasonable price. You also want a vendor that will build in new features into your existing product. You don’t want to pay extra for features that should be included in the solution. Some vendors want the opposite. That means either you get what you want, or they get what they want.

With Datto you get a complete solution for a single price. We believe in earning your business every month and continue to build value in our solutions without asking for more money as we do it. We are focused on lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) for our partners and users, not on upsell opportunities.

To get more details on all the signs that BDR features could be costing you revenue instead of helping you create it, check out the complimentary ebook below.

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