How Many Times Have You Been Hacked?

How Many Times Have You Been Hacked?

By Chris Brunau

There’s a good chance your personal information has been exposed by hackers at some point in the past several years.

Whether it was via the Anthem breach, eBay, Snapchat, Target, or another one of the more than 20 instances going back to 2013.

The New York Times recently put together an interactive tool so you can estimate how many times your personal information has been exposed.

According to the New York Times, dated systems and a lack of funding have been a large source for the vulnerabilities. 

Similar to the cases of the United Airlines and NYSE outages, IT wasn’t treated with enough attention to properly protect data and infrastructure.

The sources of the breaches vary over a wide range of vendors, so it makes it pretty hard to avoid. And in most cases, there was little or nothing consumers could have done to prevent it.

Basically, there’s a good chance your data will be hacked, but it doesn’t have to be lost.

In the case of business data, while all-out prevention would be ideal, the next best option is to have your data protected in the event of a breach to avoid downtime and keep your business running.

Aside from protecting your data, vigilance is also important. Whether it’s on the personal level by monitoring your account statements or credit reports, and not opening suspicious emails. On the business side, it involves many of the same practices, as well as carefully monitoring your network and keeping IT up to date.

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