How Diff, Not Full Streamlines Capacity Management

How Diff, Not Full Streamlines Capacity Management

By Henry Washburn

The Datto IRIS operating system includes a process that dramatically reduces manual intervention associated with capacity management on Datto Continuity devices. The process, which we call "Diff, Not Full", is a set of reliability enhancements for Datto agent software and devices (physical, virtual, and imaged) that ensures maximum backup efficiency.

You are probably already aware of differences between full, differential, and incremental backups. But, just for reference, let’s take a look at each. A full backup is exactly what it sounds like—a full copy of an entire data set. A differential backup, with Datto, different than other solutions, takes the time of a full backup but only copies incremental change from the previous backup. Finally, an incremental backup is a copy of all of the data that has changed since the previous backup—whether it was full, differential, or a previous incremental. Full backups, while important, are time-consuming and capacity-intensive.

Diff, Not Full ensures that full backups are only triggered on the initial backup or in the event of volume addition. This results in:

  • Less manual intervention

  • Fewer support calls

  • Less data to send offsite

  • Less local network congestion

  • Faster backups

This reliability process is available with production machines that use the Datto Windows Agent software. 

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