How Dentists Avoid Costly Downtime

How Dentists Avoid Costly Downtime

By Holly Wainwright

Being responsible for a business’ data is a huge responsibility. Especially when that data contains proprietary health-related information. Can you say HIPAA?!  Although no business can afford data loss or lose access to their files, Healthcare-related companies must be at the forefront of data protection.

A local dentist office in Arizona was operating on a normal schedule when suddenly they experienced some technical errors. An employee from the dentist office called PK Tech, the Dentist office’s MSP, and informed them that they were receiving “DB Errors” and were frantically searching to find some sort of backup. According to Jordan Hetrick, owner of PK Tech, “no one could get into the system.” Fortunately for them, they had the back up they were looking for thanks to their Datto SIRIS 2.

PK Tech makes it a requirement for the customers to implement a comprehensive data protection solution that will “protect your data, network and systems” and enable “fast recovery”.  Previously, this dentist office was using a tape solution back up. Tape backup is not only incredibly outdated, but it’s also inefficient. If the dentist office was still operating on tape backup and they were faced with this same issue, they wouldn’t have access to files that were less than 30 days old. Additionally to the limitation of files that would be accessible, it would be incredibly difficult to organize the tapes and decipher which files were needed and which were corrupted, thus taking more time from the company to operate normally.

This implementation of data protection saved this dentist office $10,000 just by allowing them to continue operating off of their data backup and avoiding having to shut down. They had access to all of their files, they were able to continue booking and treating patients like normal, masking the chaos that was being caused by their original server.

Without making the migration from tape backup, the dentist office would have had a tremendous financial penalty, as well as a loss of data. Any loss of data for a Healthcare company is a huge loss of data and thanks to their new and improved way of data backup, data loss was completely prevented as was having to shut down their business for any amount of time.

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