How Datto Keeps Griffin Transportation on the Road

How Datto Keeps Griffin Transportation on the Road

By Andrew Burton

Internet access is critical for Grand Rapids, MI based Griffin Transportation and its subsidiaries Accurate Truck Service and River City Equipment Sales. How critical? "We can lose as much as $100,000 an hour if we don't have connectivity," said founder and president Craig Scholten. "It's vital to our businesses." 


Griffin is a full-service ground transportation company that provides dedicated truckload and logistics services to customers with dry van freight needs. It currently operates 75 tractors, 200 trailers, and partners with additional carriers to deliver freight nationwide. 

The company relies on an Internet-based load matching system to pair drivers with freight. For example, if a driver is carrying freight from Indianapolis to Chicago, Griffin's dispatchers work to ensure there is another load waiting in Chicago when they get there. If connectivity is lost, Griffin's dispatchers are unable to pick jobs. "It can be a matter of seconds to win or lose a job," said Scholten. "When that happens, a driver sits idle waiting. That's lost productivity for the driver and our business." 

Additionally, their fleet is outfitted with federally mandated electronic logging devices (ELD), which use GPS to monitor and record data about trucks and drivers. According to Scholten, in addition to being legally required, ELD helps them deliver better customer service. “If a customer calls about a job, we can tell them exactly where their freight is and when they can expect it,” he said. Of course, Internet connectivity is necessary to access this information as well. 

Earlier this year, issues with Griffin's outdated phone, network, and Internet came to a head, and Scholten began the search for an IT provider to update their infrastructure. "There were two factors that helped us win Griffin"s business," said Kevin Damghani, co-owner of IT Partners, a Grand Rapids based Datto Partner. "First, they were looking for a single managed service provider to handle all of their technology needs—that's us. Second, they wanted to be certain that they'd have top-notch technical support. We partner with vendors that are focused on uptime, because that's the core of our business. With Datto we can get support in seconds."

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