How Common is Downtime?

How Common is Downtime?

By Chris Brunau

So just how prevalent is downtime?

When it comes to domains, it’s so common, there’s a site called Is It Down Right Now?

Their homepage features major websites like Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and Gmail; but you can type in any URL to see if it is currently down.

In one of the more recent outages, was down for almost 4 hours. During that time, their website wasn’t accessible, and they likely suffered because of that.

Chances are, you’ll experience downtime, the question is for how long and at what cost to you?

When looking at the prevalence of downtime, and then the cost of downtime, why even take the chance?

It’s going to happen, and it’s going to be expensive. As the saying goes, you can’t stop it, you can only hope to contain it.

With Datto, your system can be back to action in 6 seconds.

When your biggest threats to downtime are network outages and human error, there’s really no avoiding or working around it.

According to a survey from the Hartford, 36% of businesses surveyed have been unable to meet a client need due to an interruption in their operation.

In Kroll Ontrack’s Cost of Downtime Survey Report, recovery times varied greatly for companies. The majority (if you can call it that) of 25% reported less than 2 hours, 21% said half business day, 19% said one business day, 16% don’t know, 8% said 2-3 business days, 5% never recovered, 3% said 4-5 business days, and 3% said more than a week.

When looking at these stats, basically 75% of respondents had a very poor recovery time. With the average cost of downtime coming in at $163,674 per hour, according to the Aberdeen Group, the costs can be catastrophic for your company.

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