Top Tips for Hospitality IT Sales for MSPs

Top Tips for Hospitality IT Sales for MSPs

By Chris Brunau

Today’s most successful MSPs find success by targeting specific industries and addressing their needs accordingly. In our latest entry in Datto’s MSPeasy series, we discuss the current hospitality industry and offer best practices to MSPs looking to break into this industry.

The world of travel and hospitality is booming. In 2015, global business travelers spent more than $1.2 billion, a new industry record. In the United States, consumer confidence is up, resulting in more business and leisure travel. But not all travelers stay at the industry’s biggest or most well-known brands. Smaller venues are seeing an uptick in bookings, with amenities and other differentiators driving many traveler’s booking interests. For the smaller, locally owned or franchisee owned hotel, competing for business and leisure travelers continues to be a focus. A recent JD Power & Associates study indicated that WiFi is a top five “must have” for any hotel guest. In study after study, WiFi comes in at the top of required amenities.

In each of these studies, the consumer expects that the WiFi is reliable and performs well, but most hotels don’t deliver. A separate study shows that only 36% of U.S. hotels deliver at least 3 Mbps download speed and 150 Kbps upload speed, what is thought to be minimally acceptable WiFi. That’s fine for checking email, etc. But it won’t cut it for streaming HD Netflix or other bandwidth intensive services. In an increasingly competitive landscape, the opportunity to differentiate, simply by delivering free and reliable WiFi, has never been clearer.

Perhaps more than any other industry, the travel industry is particularly vulnerable to economic conditions. Even the hint of an economic downturn can change a consumer’s willingness to travel. But recent economic indicators favor the hospitality industry. With consumer spending expected to be strong throughout 2017, hospitality companies should feel optimistic about their business. But beware. As the recent recession demonstrated, consumer confidence is a fickle thing. Hoteliers and property owners know this. So while times are good, these businesses will continue to invest in differentiating amenities, all the while cautiously eyeing the future.

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