Happy World Backup Day! Disaster Demos At Their Best

Happy World Backup Day! Disaster Demos At Their Best

By John DeWolf

In celebration of World Backup Day, Datto put together some of our best disaster demo videos.

It’s one thing to demonstrate the recovery and virtualization prowess of Datto’s suite of Total Data Protection offerings, but’s it’s quite another to completely destroy an appliance and delete one’s Gmail inbox … only to restore them both (like nothing happened).

These videos serve as a crucial reminder to ALWAYS back up your data - whether that data lives on-prem or in the cloud. To truly honor World Backup Day, back up!

Without further delay, enjoy these goodies from the Datto | Backupify vault.

Now it’s your turn!!  Ever delete your inbox by mistake or have your device completely destroyed? Share your disaster recovery story with us via Twitter (@Datto) or (@Backupify) or on our Facebook page.

Datto Product Director Ian McChord

Datto Senior VP of Business Development Rob May

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