SysAdmin Day is here! Today is the perfect opportunity to show your support and appreciation to the System Administrators and IT professionals at your company.

If you’re reading this blog post at work, a SysAdmin was probably involved in the behind the scenes. Whether it was setting up your network connection, hooking up your external monitors, or getting that tangled mess of cables under your desk in order.

So, what’s a day in the life of a SysAdmin like? While it certainly varies from organization to organization, here are a few examples of common tasks SysAdmins may perform on any given day:

Answering support tickets:


Keeping the server room running, and (hopefully) avoiding fires:

Silicon Valley

Dealing with ransomware, malware, spam, and any other nasty threats:

Office Space

Basically, SysAdmins have their hands full. But at the end of the day, when everything works as it should, it’s no accident. An incredibly talented SysAdmin has your back.


On behalf of everyone at Datto, here’s a huge THANK YOU for everything you do to keep our networks secure and strong.