Happy Safer Internet Day from Datto!

Happy Safer Internet Day from Datto!

By Chris Brunau

Regardless of your age or profession, it’s always important to keep Internet best practices at the top of mind. Like just about everything these days, we have a day to celebrate it. Today is Safer Internet Day, dedicated to making the Internet a safer place for all users, especially younger users.

If you have kids at home or work with children, the Safer Internet Day website provides some great resources on how you can get involved and make sure you are providing a safe environment.

However, it’s also a good chance for anyone to brush up on their best practices to maintain safety and security while on the Internet and avoid falling victim to any type of attacks. We have a few helpful resources on our blog, including a list of some common types of ransomware and the most common social engineering attacks. Check them out today. 

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