Google Outage Disables YouTube, Gmail, and Other Services

Google Outage Disables YouTube, Gmail, and Other Services

By Chris Brunau

A recent Google Cloud outage affected numerous applications essential to the tech ecosystem, forcing users to experience some unpleasant downtime for several hours.

The outage impacted Google Nest smart home devices and apps such as Gmail, G Suite, YouTube, Snapchat, and Discord. Google announced they are conducting an investigation into the outage and will make the necessary improvements to avoid another outage to their services.

SaaS Applications Are Not Immune to Downtime

This shows us that while we may think the cloud is inherently secure, it is not immune to data loss.

Without backup for services like Office 365 and G Suite, businesses stand to lose valuable time and data, while MSPs stand to lose faith with their clients.

Datto SaaS Protection creates an independent second copy of SaaS data. The benefits are two-fold:

  1. For the purpose of protecting Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and emails against any form of data loss, from ransomware to accidental deletion and
  2. Granting users access to critical documents by restoring directly to their desktops while the app is down. The data stored in Datto’s private cloud can be restored en masse or get as granular as a single email, giving MSPs a scalable way of managing SaaS backups and document access across all of their clients during a data loss incident or app outage. During instances of downtime like this Google outage, a third-party solution allows MSPs to save the day for customers with just a few clicks.

Learn more about the benefits of backing up your SaaS data.

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