GermanWiper Ransomware Wreaking Havoc and Deleting Data

GermanWiper Ransomware Wreaking Havoc and Deleting Data

By Ryan Weeks

A new ransomware strain is infecting users across Germany and taking an even more sinister twist on malware. Instead of following the normal protocol of encrypting machines and holding data for ransom, GermanWiper is instead rewriting and permanently destroying data. Similar wiper ransomware made headlines in 2017 when a modified strain of NotPetya was seen infecting users and deleting data.

GermanWiper highlights the need for organizations to stay educated on all cyberthreats, as it not “only” encrypts data, but completely overwrites and destroys it. This introduces the dual-threat of losing both money and data.

The only way for organizations ‘encrypted’ with GermanWiper to recover their files is through a proactive data backup and recovery strategy built on the latest cloud technologies to ensure that IT systems run continuously even during emergencies.

Datto’s Ransomware Report confirms that more than half of the IT service providers surveyed say that downtime following a ransomware attack is a business threat to the affected companies.

This latest attack re-emphasizes the importance of managed services, the cloud, and virtual control and implementation of IT strategies. By empowering managed service providers with control of an organization’s cyber protection and backup operations, threats like GermanWiper become less of an operating risk.

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