Ford, TD Bank Affected by Cloud Data Breach

Ford, TD Bank Affected by Cloud Data Breach

By Chris Brunau

Various companies including Ford and TD Bank were impacted in a recent cloud data breach. According to reports, the IT provider for these companies accidentally exposed the information on Amazon S3 data buckets.

The data buckets contained information on Attunity, the IT provider, such as employee email backups, a virtual network roadmap, and personal information of Attunity employees. In addition to the provider, leaked client data included Ford technology information and TD Bank invoices.

Currently, there is no indication the data was used for any nefarious purposes, and Attunity has said they are undergoing a thorough investigation into the issue.

In response to the increase in data breaches, some states and countries are passing data privacy laws and regulations to protect personal data and hold companies accountable. Recently, California passed the California Data Protection Regulation law which regulates how companies store data and will require them to disclose the types of data stored. Similarly, GDPR protects European consumers and gives them more control and insight into their personal data.

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