FlightPath IT Soars with Datto RMM

FlightPath IT Soars with Datto RMM

By Andrew Burton

FlightPath IT was struggling with management issues using their existing remote monitoring and management (RMM) software and a hodgepodge of additional products. So, earlier this year, they began to evaluate RMM solutions. According to Jonathan Sheldon, the co-owner of FlightPath IT, they found what they were looking for in Datto RMM—a single solution that met all of their remote monitoring and management needs. 

“We’ve used a variety of RMM solutions over the years. [The first solution] was good, but there were constant additional charges. Plus, it was hosted in our office. So, that carried risk. If it went down, we couldn’t support clients,” he said. “I wasn’t part of the selection process [of the next solution], and to be honest, I really disliked the product from the start. It was too big and monolithic—a waste of money for what we used it for. It was cloud-based, though. So, that was an improvement.” 

FlightPath adopted yet another RMM solution, but they were never able to get it fully customized to meet their needs. So, when their contract expired, they began the search for a new solution. According to Sheldon, they were already successfully using Datto BCDR and SaaS Protection when their rep suggested that they test Datto RMM. They took it under consideration but wanted to do their due diligence before opting in. After evaluating a number of solutions, they found Datto RMM was right for their needs. 

“We could tell it had more to offer than [one solution] and was less complex than [another],” he said. “Basically, we realized it was perfect for our business. That’s the key thing to keep in mind. Not every product fits every business’ needs. In this case, Datto RMM addressed every business need we were trying to fulfill.”

To learn more about how FlightPath IT streamlines their operations with Datto RMM, check out the full success story

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