How to Easily Manage your Technology Fleet

How to Easily Manage your Technology Fleet

By Chris Brunau

The challenges that managed service providers (MSPs) face are unique and in many ways outside the parameters of traditional IT. An MSP may have some clients with a handful of employees and others with hundreds, each with different IT demands and technologies in place. On top of that, they must be able to manage everything remotely and respond rapidly to customer needs. From a backup and disaster recovery perspective, this means they need flexible products that can protect a variety of environments. It’s essential these products are easy to deploy and manage, as well. Datto’s Continuity devices are designed to address these challenges.

However, as Datto Partners grow their businesses, the number of devices they need to manage increases. This comes along with its own set of challenges, and the need for operational efficiency becomes more pronounced. There’s no magic bullet for managing a large fleet. However, some themes emerged in conversations with partners who do.

The growth trajectory for an MSP tends to start out as a small one or two-person shop, getting all the deals they can. It’s a high-growth portion of the business, however, over time it isn’t scalable. MSPs find that handling many disparate types of environments can be daunting. So the next phase is standardization. They seek to get all their end users from certain contract types, like break-fix or billable hours to a full MSP contract. It takes time but it gives the MSP constant cash flow monthly. Standardization allows the MSP to hire more people and train them on consistent products that are used throughout all the end users that they have because they have set their maximum monthly price, in most cases.

So now it is up to the MSP to bend the cost curve down. The lower costs, the more profit to the business. The speed with which technicians can identify and diagnose issues can increase with the following types of monitoring, specifically with Datto products, but can be expanded to other product sets that exist in an MSPs arsenal.

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